A2 Version #3

This week I made some more colour correction and framing changes to my image. Adding a border around the piece was suggested in a comment. I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea as I was worried it would interrupt the flow of the image. This was not the case after completion of this layer. Using a border gives a sense of a finish artwork. The framing allows for further direction to the viewer as to the intention location that I intend them to see. This coupled with the DJ’s gaze towards the word “technique”, enhances the theme of first learning the techniques before being creative. The person viewing this piece must follow the same steps that a musical artist would take in perfecting their shows. I settled on adding a blue tint to both the top half image and the word “creativity”. This was to make the piece feel more like one together image instead of layers put together. The blue acts like a symbol for creative thinking, linking the musical score and the image of the performer. While these were not drastic changes again, I still feel like my piece is slowly moving towards its finish product, and the balance of information is still intact.

A1 V3

One thought on “A2 Version #3

  1. Fearghas,

    From looking at this image and the previous ones you are clearly representing your major of Sound and Music Design. I think at first your message was slightly hidden and for a viewer it may have been slightly difficult to understand your message. But the changes that you have made in the last few images and this one in particular really allows you to get your message across. The addition of a frame made me really concentrate on what was going on inside and made me feel like i was looking at a piece of art which in tern allowed me to understand your meaning of “creativity”. Also the addition of blue writing gives the word “creativity” more depth and makes it easy to understand why the score isn’t maintaining a straight course. My only criticism is that i think in the last few posts you need to elaborate on the term “technique” which will ultimately tie your piece together as one as i am still slightly confused about the message in its entirety. Great work Fearghas good luck in your next two images!


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