A2 Version 2

This week I used the comment on my first iteration of A2 to produce a more refined product. Some of the suggestions made from last week were to make the theme more literal, as it was hard to comprehend the ideas that I was communicating. However, I believe that the artwork must be in-between being too obvious, and too ambiguous. A good piece of art keeps the viewer there thinking about what they are seeing. I replicated this in my artwork by having hints of my intent through the text “technique enables creativity”, which in my opinion was close to the point in which too much information was given away. This week I did small and subtle changes in order to keep the original theme of the image while still adding some more hints as to the intent. Some of these changes include a change in colour towards the right side of the musical score, indicating a more creative and imaginative transformation. As well as this, the font of the text was changed to something more interesting as to grab the viewers’ attention when they first view the image. The location of the image at the top of the piece was moved slightly left in order to have the subjects line of site lead to the word “technique”, indicating that there were years of theory being used by this person to create the show.

This week’s changes were subtle, as they intended to keep balance of creativity and fact that is easily seen in this image. I believe that the image finds that balance and gives the correct amount of information to its viewers so they can understand what is been shown without being escorted through the ideas that are being communicated.A1 V2

3 thoughts on “A2 Version 2

  1. Hi, Fearghas. I like the idea of your image which is technique enables creativity. And I think you have created a clear enough image to reflect and communicate your idea. Firstly, I am attracted by the headline located in the middle of the image, you use a more creative font to show the creativity instead of using the normal font. Moreover, the right side of musical score’s color is different from the left side also could express your theme. The image was divided from the center, I guess the top of it represent the technique, however, I think only one image could not strongly indicate the ‘technique’, maybe you can add more elements of musical techniques in order to communicate your topic and the whole image more plentiful. Good luck!


  2. This image has a pretty clear message about how practice in a field enables creativity. technique and training are vital to unrestricted relative expression whether it’s relating to sports, culinary arts, or thin this case, music production.
    Here the technical aspect comes through in the first three bars of sheet music and the creativity in the wavy last two bars. The actual image of the DJ is a little ambiguous concerning whether he is being technical or creative; however that doesn’t seem too be a problem as the musical bar below shows a clear differential indication. I also like the change you made from A1 version 1 to version 2 in coloring in the second half of the sheet music insinuating creativity. Maybe even go so far as to make it rainbow? Just a suggestion.
    The message is great, but there are a few technical elements you may want to think about. While the bottom of the image fades comfortably from blue to green to white, the bottom of the image—underneath the sheet music—lacks an edge begging the question of where the image actually ends. A black boarder down the sides and along the bottom of the sheet music may solve this boarder problem—although you may have an artistic reason in keeping the image open.
    Another idea is searching out different fonts for “Technical” and “Creativity” to further emphasize their differences. Maybe use a typewriter font for technique and a more abstract script for creativity, something along those lines. These are really food for thought, though. Great second iteration.


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