A2 Version #1

Major: Audio and Sound Design

This image represents the technical and theoretic learning aspects of the audio and sound design course at the completion of the 1st year. I have chosen to focus on the theme of creativity and the work that is required to be able to produce original and effective content. To show this I combined two contrasting images of musical scores, that are seen at the bottom of the image. The first one depicts a traditional musical notated score. This represents the base knowledge that needs to be acquired to start performing musically. The second score deforms as the notes start to vary shape from their original spots. I did this to represent the creative side of music, that is achieved after the basics are learnt. Combining these two images on Pixlr was done using the eraser and selection tools. The image at the top of the screen shows myself performing on stage. This shows the reality of what the audience sees when attending the venue. The contrast between what the audience views and the work that is put into the performance can be seen by contrasting the top and the bottom of the image.

Images used:



A1 V1

One thought on “A2 Version #1

  1. Hi Fearghus,

    Firstly, I strongly believe your image encapsulates the underlying elements of your Communications major, Audio and Sound Design. I really like how you have included an original image especially since you are involved as one of the piece’s core subject matters, making it more personal and adding a degree of interest and passion to your image. The inclusion of musical scores towards the bottom of your image using techniques in Pixlr adds a professional dimension to the piece and further explores concepts that you have studied in your major.

    The concept of learning the basics before being creative with what you have learnt is clearly a driving notion behind the image. I have a few suggestions that you make like to take on board for your following drafts. Firstly, the size of the image means you have to scroll down to see the scores at the bottom of the piece, meaning that the original impression it is supposed to leave on a viewer, may be somewhat lost. Whilst I like and understand the text included, I would consider changing the font from being less ordinary to perhaps more inviting and polished. Another thing you may want to consider is that without the added description accompanying your image, someone like myself, with no background knowledge within the field, may not entirely understand the concepts from your major being explored, particularly the scores, they almost appeared the exact same to me, so the message was somewhat lost.

    Hope this helps! Goodluck!


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